The Russian military operation against Kyiv junta- preliminary assessment and importance

The Russian military operation, which started on 24.02.2022, for denazification and demilitarization of Ukraine needs its assessment in terms of resistance against the American contender for world domination.

The first thing that we have to mention is that this is not a war against the Ukrainians but rather a military operation against the bloody and illegal Bandera’s regime which was sponsored and installed by the West in 2014. The goal of this regime was not only to rob and terrorize the local people but mainly to turn them against Russia – one of the countries that refuses to accept American claims for global dictatorship and opposes them.

The junta of bandits and fascists murderers which has been ruling Ukraine is responsible for the death of thousands of innocent people – Ukrainians, Russians and Bulgarians, including hundreds of children. The people of Donetsk and Luhansk who refuse to obey the pro-American dictatorship, and for that reason they self declared themselves as independent people’s republics, had to suffer ruthless terror and bombing. Especially for us, as Bulgarians, the fact that the Kiev regime persecutes the Bulgarian language, desecrates Bulgarian monuments and kills our fellow countrymen can’t be left unnoticed. However, this kid of the CIA and NATO, which temporarily rules Kyiv and Ukraine, is doomed to fail just like its Western masters.

After the defeat of Nazi Germany, the USA is the main contender for world domination – they have surrounded the world with hundreds of military bases in order to terrorize and threaten countries and people, fighting for freedom and independence, using the dictatorship of the dollar they try to impose finance and economic dependence, and using Hollywood films and music – to rule people spiritually, especially the young. The operation for denazification and demilitarization of Ukraine and the coming defeat of the Bandera dictatorship will be another serious blow to American hegemony, which has been the main villain of humankind since 1945. This Russian military operation will also be a blow to all pro-American regimes in this region, including here in Bulgaria, where 30 years of colonial Western rule led to an unprecedented demographic ( and any other – economic, social, cultural) catastrophe- the melting of our population from 9 to 6.5 million people.

Back in 2018, we said and wrote words that we still stand behind:

Today every win against American influence is a win to the whole progressive humanity. Everyone, who opposes American globalism is a revolutionary of his time and serves Che Guevara’s call for the unity of nations against the main enemy of humankind. And as incredible as it may seem to some, this unity is not abstract, is not just a wish, but a proven time command, which waves the flag of social justice and national independence – from Moscow, Minsk and Donbass to Hanoi, Beijing and Pyongyang, from Havana, La Paz and Caracas to Gaza, Damascus and Tehran.

We must do everything possible to convince as many of our fellow countryman, who still hesitate, as possible not to be deceived and not to support the bloody Kyiv junta.

The leaders of Bulgaria must realize that the majority of Bulgarians supports Russia more than ever, wants the Russian army to win and will not tolerate any Bulgarian state support for the Bandera bandits and criminals, servants and paid agents of America fleeing from just retribution. The rulers, who put themselves in service of the USA, betray the Bulgarian national interests and lead our country to a new national catastrophe.

No Bulgarians in support of the Kyiv junta, no weapons for the Bandera supporters, immediate lifting of sanctions against Russia- this should be the Bulgarian national position today.

PS: In this article we only express our preliminary assessment – we follow the development of the Russian military operation and its impact on the world, and we will post additional and more detailed materials on this subject. Here we only express our position, just like we have done for the Russian military operations in South Ossetia and Abkhazia (2008), Crimea (2014) and Syria (2015), which were all a blow to USA’s claims for world domination.

L-23, B-23 (Ideological and Theoretical Department of “23 Septemvri” Movement)