Position about the war in Ukraine

We oppose the imperialist war in all its forms and watch with concern the military actions between the two Slavic peoples with a common past, culture and traditions.

1. The current conflict is another in a series of humanitarian catastrophes directly resulting from the restoration of capitalism and the collapse of the Soviet Union. In March 1991, a majority of Soviet citizens voted in a referendum to preserve the USSR as a federation of equal sovereign states.

Instead of taking this people’s will into account, the new born bourgeoisie of the individual republics, supported by the overseas enemies of socialism, moved to dismantle the fraternal union between the peoples and set out to seize, consolidate and redistribute public property.

Today we must make it clear: the current war between fraternal peoples would have been impossible if the socialist system and the Soviet Union had been preserved!

2. We declare that the current military conflict is a new phase of a war that began in April 2014 with Ukraine’s open hostilities against Donbass. The open reluctance of Ukrainian governments to resolve the dispute peacefully was demonstrated by non-compliance with the Minsk agreements, followed by daily military shelling of Donbass. For 8 years, the authorities in Ukraine have openly taken the path of war, threatening to eradicate the region and its nearly 4 million people. This insane open course to war is also expressed in military provocations and threats to the territory of the Russian Federation.

Although the current conflict began with active Russian military action, limiting it to abstract pacifist phrases and neglecting its previous development is in favor of the same imperialist forces that are now happy to watch the fratricidal war.

We must not forget that the Western imperialist states, united in the US-led aggressive NATO military bloc, have done everything possible to get here.

In 2014, they sponsored an unconstitutional change of government in Ukraine, cynically toying with the aspirations of the Ukrainian people for a better future for their country. Decades of restoration of capitalism have doomed Ukraine to extreme poverty, rampant corruption and the collapse of moral foundations.

In this toxic situation, extreme nationalist, neo-Nazi and fascist tendencies have taken off on a large scale in Ukrainian society. The US-sponsored change of government in 2014 led to the introduction of neo-Nazi elements in all echelons of power: armed Nazi groups received official sanctions for their activities and were made part of Ukrainian security forces and the regular army (Azov Battalions, Aidar Battalions) “;” Right Sector “, etc.); the glorification of anti-Semitic and collaborationist historical figures such as Stepan Bandera has been elevated to the rank of state policy; deliberately undertook to denigrate and dismantle the Soviet heritage – the struggle of the Ukrainian people against fascism during World War II within the USSR.

The semi-fascist nature of the Kiev authorities manifested itself in the criminal eight-year war against those in the eastern regions of Ukraine who did not want to take part in the pro-Western and nationalist hysteria. Residents of the Luhansk and Donetsk People’s Republics were subjected to shelling, sabotage and psychological terror. Hundreds of children have fallen victim to Kyiv’s fratricidal actions, cynically referred to as the “anti-terrorist operation”.

The so-called “Pro-European” Ukrainian authorities did nothing to prevent the burning of living people in the House of Trade Unions in Odessa on May 2, 2015. No efforts were made to catch the perpetrators and bring them to justice.

It is symbolic that on the same day, as a result of the rampage of the Nazi mobs, a Molotov cocktail flew to the Bulgarian Cultural Center in Odessa and burned part of its premises. The nationalist hysteria in Ukraine also affected our compatriots there – from the victims in the House of Trade Unions, through the desecration of Bulgarian monuments, to attempts to eradicate the Bulgarian language and impose Ukrainian at the expense of various ethnic communities in Ukraine.

At the same time, the Ukrainian leadership, which came to power after 2014, did everything possible to provoke the Russian Federation, taking a course towards association with the imperialist alliance NATO. Western imperialists, for their part, have ignored Moscow’s views on the structure of European security. They cynically quoted “each country’s right to choose its own destiny”, apparently forgetting that each country’s security is interlinked with security both in neighboring countries and within wider regions.

Due to all the above, the Ukrainian government and the Western imperialists have the main responsibility for inciting the current conflict.

Ukrainian neo-Nazi arsonists, who have been committing serious crimes for eight years, should be brought to justice.

3. We stand behind the right of self-determination of all nations, incl. and the Russian-speaking population in Donbass. Only the people can and must decide which path of development to choose – as independent states (DPR and LPR) or as part of another state.

4. It must not be forgotten that Russia is a capitalist country and its elite sets capitalist goals. The Russian bourgeoisie justifies its actions with imaginary historical arguments and relies on no less dangerous nationalist tendencies. There is no doubt that it aims to change the geopolitical status quo in its favor, as well as to preserve the results of the three decades of redistribution of property in its own country.

5. Complex current events around the world cast a shadow over our country. Decades of restoration of capitalism have led our country to economic ruin, demographic catastrophe and the collapse of moral foundations. It is the work of every communist to take an active part in the social processes in our country in order to reverse these pernicious tendencies. We must realize that our future is in our hands and that we must not rely on a benevolent external force or a strong foreign leader to improve the condition of our people for us.

6. We believe that, despite the current military conflict in Ukraine, the United States remains the most powerful and influential imperialist power in the world. Also, the current events in no way cancel the participation of our country in the aggressive military bloc NATO, the fight against which must continue if we really want peace and prosperity of all peoples around the globe.

Propaganda and agitation department of  “23 September” movement