Chauvinism – Enemy Of The Bulgarian People

After 1989 the new bourgeois media in Bulgaria did its best to provoke ethnical hate in our society. Unfortunately, their efforts had serious success.

In 1990 the Vietnamese here were a subject of chauvinist hysteria. They had come to do hard and unpopular work and to help Bulgaria in a difficult period for our country (spring-winter 1989) but soon the Vietnamese were made guilty of our society’s every problem. It is clear that the hate against the Vietnamese was deliberately provoked because of the heroic victorious struggle of the Vietnamese people against the new Bulgarian master – USA. For that shameful defeat 15 years ago, the Bulgarian servants of Washington revenged with unprovoked and brutal police action that finished only after many innocent Vietnamese were murdered. Later the Vietnamese left Bulgaria, but that fact neither made the situation in our country better, nor harmed in any way Socialist Vietnam. Capitalist Bulgaria was the only loser – by the most absurd way it cut all its ties and influence in that fast developing Asian country.

After the banishment of the Vietnamese the blame for the capitalist disasters has had to be put on everybody else except on the only capitalist system. So they were to blame the communists, Gypsies, Turks, Bulgarians, Jews etc.:

  • they were to blame the Gypsies for the unbelievable criminality;
  • they were to blame the companies connected with the Turkish nationalist party (DPS) for the corruption and for the gang stealing of the public property;
  • they were to blame the Bulgarians for the unemployment amidst the minorities;
  • they were to blame the Jews for the “international conspiracy against the peoples”;
  • they were to blame the communists for everything at all.

It is true that many of the ex-Bulgarian Communist Party’s ex-leaders are to blame but for their contribution for the restoration of that rotten social-economic system not for the capitalist disasters.

Chauvinism, the provocation of ethnical and religious conflicts, is very necessary for the existing of the so-called “democracy” – euphemism, which replaces the authentic term – capitalism. That’s why many nationalist and religious organizations have sprung like mushrooms after rain in Bulgaria. Here are some of them: “gentle” nationalists like VMRO (Inside Macedonian “Revolutionary” Organization), DPS (Movement For Rights And Liberties – a Turkish bourgeois-nationalist organization), Euroroma (a Gypsy bourgeois party) – through other Gypsy, Zionist and religious-fundamentalist organizations – to true fascist parties and organizations such as Ataka and BNS (Bulgarian National Alliance).

In August 2007 there were several night revolts in one of the so-called “Gypsy Ghettos” in Sofia. They were provoked by the multiplied cases of attacks against the Gypsies (and even murders!). After it the Bulgarian Fascists like BNS began to appeal for the organization of a so-called “National Guards” – paramilitary squads which have to “help” the police in case of new Gypsies’ revolts. The Gypsies tried to organize their own squads too.

These summer events show the existence of a real threat for ethnical or religious (Orthodox against Muslims) conflicts in Bulgaria that could end with catastrophic result for our country.

Bulgarian and international history gives us a lot of proofs that the chauvinism leads to a national catastrophe the nation that it pretends to “defend”.             

Nowadays the national independence of our country is trampled upon by the USA and the EU. So it’s not a handful of Bulgarian citizens from the “Gypsies’ Ghettos”, driven to desperation, who are menacing the existence of Bulgaria, but the directives and the orders sent from Washington and Brussels, and their Bulgarian servants executing these directives and orders. It’s not the hardly-surviving Gypsies who destroyed Socialism, robbed the whole country and demolished the Bulgarian army, science, industry and culture. The Gypsies are victims of the criminal restoration of capitalism as the other Bulgarian toiling masses notwithstanding their ethnical origin.

That’s why the basic task of each real Bulgarian patriot is to unite all the victims of the restored capitalism – Bulgarians, Turks, Gypsies etc. – in an United Fatherland Front against the domination of the foreign capital and against all of its’ Bulgarian servants (who are from all kinds of ethnical origin and religious beliefs too), for the rebuilding of Socialism. Only Independent and Socialist Bulgaria – in alliance with the other Independent and Freedom-loving peoples who are struggling against imperialism – could exist as a strong and prosperous country: a fortress of the peace on the Balkans and in the whole world.


10 September 2007